Una Fiesta in Galway

I am very proud of the way my roommate’s (from New York City) twenty-first birthday turned out. I managed to scout out what I am sure is the only piñata vendor in Galway. When I returned from Dublin empty-handed, I found our little colorful pal in Smyth’s, a toy store (and I had to brave the roundabout to retrieve him).


I got a ton of candy and balloons in the shape of animals, too. (And two large things of Toblerone, just for Dana). Oh, and musn’t forget the “una fiesta, a party” Dora the Explorer napkins. Chloe made a gluten-free cake, and we made a “feliz cumpleanos” sign and tacos.

There were a ton of people there. It was awesome, but after a while things went sour. Somebody dumped a trash can all over the hall and pulled the the fire extinguisher. I’d never experienced that before—it’s not pleasant. It got everywhere.

Eventually we went into town and walked down Shop Street to get stamps to get into clubs for free (I wish the U.S. had this stamp=free system). We eventually decided to go to Halo, which is a big deal because it costs €3. We also ran into James the Tour Guide. He told me I was “looking Irish in that dress.” I think it was meant as a compliment, but based on previous conversations about Irish fashion, I wasn’t quite sure how to take it.

After Halo, we stopped by Charcoal Grill (where Dana is known by name). We ran into our neighbor there, and it is really nice to finally be at that point of comfort with this town where we can walk around and see people we know. It feels more and more like our town and our school each day.

All in all, I think it was a successful birthday, equal to any Irish eighteenth.

Sincerely Annie

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  1. Will you puhhlleeez take a pic of this damned rotary so I can see what it looks like? And take it from a distance so I can get the full effect! Love you…

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