10 Things I Hate & Love in Book Romances

Y’all know I love romances in books. Who doesn’t, right? But I’m also incredibly picky about the romances that get my heart goin’!


Things I Hate & Love in Book Romances

Let’s start with … HATE:

Bella and Edward

C’mon, people!

10. Insta-love.

9. Douchebags. I’m talking about the douchebag-to-nice-guy character arc where there’s no actual change in character. You know the one—where you want to scream at Miss Lovestruck: “HE’S STILL A JERK!”

8.  Girls who don’t know how pretty they are. There’s nothing wrong with having self-esteem issues. But listening to Supermodel Susie whine about her looks isn’t my idea of a good time.

7. Guys who kiss girls when they don’t want them to. This is a horrifying trend in young adult fiction. A boy should not forcefully kiss a girl if she doesn’t want him to!

Whose preschool teacher didn’t give that lesson on day one?

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.17.38 AM

I like a man who’s afraid of horses!

6. Cowboys. Unpopular opinion, I know.

5. Ambiguous millionaires. Ugh. Talk about tired trope. If he’s gonna be a millionaire, at least have a good reason.

4. Millionaire cowboys. Seriously, you guys?

And now let’s move on to … LOVE:

Pride and Prejudice

Actual character arcs.

3. Characters who don’t get along at first. Make ’em work for that romance! (*Disregard millionaire slam above.)

2. Funny guys. I am a huge sucker for the class clown.


1. Sweet guys. Being a “man” doesn’t have to mean being a macho jerk. Can we please have some more sweet, dare I say timid, guys like Peeta?!


Now tell me in the comments, what do you hate and love to see in book romances??

Annie Cosby

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  1. Addie says:

    I HATE when the guy is a real creeper and the girl thinks it’s cute. No it is not! He is stalking you! If he wasn’t so hot you would be like get away dude.
    I also HATE when it is so obvious two ppl are going to end up together. We were bffs since we were kids…so obvious.
    I LOVE when a guy shows his sensitive side. That is what a lot of girls like, I mean being hot and funny helps:)

    • Annie says:

      Totally agree! I want to see more sensitive guys! Especially in YA.

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