5 Things I Miss About Home + 5 Things I Love About Ireland

Top 5 Things I Miss Most About America (This Week)

1. Puppy Snuggles. My toes have never been colder.

The softest blanky.

The softest blanky.

2. Crab rangoon. What’s the point of Chinese take away if you can’t have crab rangoon?

The crabbiest. Via jeffreyw.

The crabbiest.
Via jeffreyw.

3. Target. There’s just no Irish equivalent. There’s a “TK Maxx” and a “Penneys” but no Tarlet or Barget.


It glows.
Via http://www.sun-prairie-wisconsin.com/super-target-sun-prairie.html

4. Driving. I love living in a city where virtually everything is within walking distance (exception: KFC, a minor tragedy). But as the weather gets warmer, I get that innate yearning to jump in your parents’ car, roll the windows down and listen to Z107.7 really, really loud.

I'm not an ambi-turner.

I’m not an ambi-turner.

5. Crab rangoon. What? It’s been on my mind a while.

The crabbiest.Via jeffreyw.

The crabbiest.
Via jeffreyw.


Top 5 Things I Love Most About Ireland (This Week)

1. Taco Fries. With the climbing number of U.S. citizens of Mexican descent, “Mexican” food or “TexMex” is bound to skyrocket. So why oh why have we not jumped on this bandwagon?

Drooling. Via miss-greeneyes.blogspot.com

Via miss-greeneyes.blogspot.com

2. The Sea. Seriously, does it ever get old?



3. Walking. This sort of contradicts the above, but most days I’m thrilled that I can leave the house and meander without running out of places to go or things to sea (heh). Literally any errand I may have to run is within walking distance.


4. Pubs + walking. I think going out and socializing in St. Louis could be greatly improved by a town centre packed with bars, clubs, people and pedestrian pathways.


Everything’s just a stroll away!

5. Open fire. I would hate to see the sum total of yo-yo’s (that’s euros, for you Americans) that I’ve traded for fire logs. It would shock you, and no doubt, myself.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Annie Cosby

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