The World Visits Galway

The largest residential ship in the world docked in Galway recently!

Well, it stopped anyway. It was too large to dock, so they let their passengers off via smaller boats at Mutton Island, an island housing a waste management plant, connected to the mainland via pier. Glamorous, eh?

Galway locals and tourists alike flocked to the Salthill Prom to gawk at the monstrous boat floating in the bay overnight, lit up like a giant Christmas tree. The big boat, arrogantly named, “The World,” is the largest boat to ever grace Galway Bay and yet it looked … not so world-like when I went to see it …


Just kidding! That’s just a boat. Here’s The World:


Not kidding. Seriously. That lima bean is actually an entire neighborhood at sea!

It carries from 100-300 people at a time, even though a ship that size could accommodate thousands! (There are more staff than residents!) The designers say the boat is designed to appear empty at all times, like you’re in your own home.

Which it is, for some people. Apartments cost about $3 million, and up to $13.5 million for the bigger apartments. While some people visit, hopping off and on as the ship stops in exotic ports, others live on the ship full-time.

Since The World couldn’t get any closer to the Galway shore, I took to the interwebs for better pictures and found this semi-interesting documentary about the ship, including some interviews with couples who live on the ship full-time:

ResidenSea: The Floating City

It has a grocery store and a flippin’ movie theater!

Via en.wikipedia.org/wiki.

Via en.wikipedia.org/wiki.

Now that’s a houseboat I could get behind. “We should start saving for a studio apartment on The World,” I suggested to my boyfriend while we watched from the pier as the boat lit up before setting sail.

“This from the girl who gets sick on the 30-minute boat ride to the Aran Islands and can’t get on a bus without motion sickness pills?”

Touché. I guess The World is a dream for a stronger-stomached person!

Annie Cosby

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  1. I really like world dock, Galway. Great spot to sit and take it all in with the busy city and the boats coming and going you can spend a bit of time just enjoying life passing you by here.

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