Visiting the Hogwarts of the First Harry Potter Movie

Alnwick Castle has long been famous in England. But it got a whole new life in Hollywood a little over a decade ago.

Yep, Alnwick Castle is none other than Hogwarts in the first Harry Potter movie.

See if you recognize any of these spots I tiptoed graciously upon in England!

If you haven’t already checked out the reality of Alnwick Castle, hope on over here to read up on the family that lives there. Not the Hogwarts one, the muggle one.

Harry Potter Alnwick Castle

She’s a beaut, there’s no doubt about it!

If you’re caught up on the muggle facts, let’s get down to the magic!

Do you recognize the first years’ field where the first flying lesson was held with Madam Hooch?

Harry Potter Alnwick castle


Wait. Or was it here?

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

Roped off for grass growing.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t paying the best attention to the tour. I was too busy taking pictures, obviously!

But here’s one I definitely know: the spot where Neville loses control of his broom in that first flying lesson and falls from a statue. Remember? (It was a pun. Because that’s when Neville loses his Remembrall.)

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

The producers didn’t use the castle’s statues, they brought in their own.

Or the courtyard where Ron insults Hermione resulting in her troll-attracting, bathroom crying spree …

Harry Potter Alnwick castle courtyard Harry Potter Alnwick castle courtyardHarry Potter Alnwick castle courtyard

Let’s move on, I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

Uh … I don’t think there’s anything magical about this. It’s just pretty.

As it happens, Alnwick Castle knows just how wonderful a marketing opportunity being Hogwarts has provided, so they hold flying lessons several times a day.

Harry Potter Alnwick Castle flying lesson

I ain’t too cool for school!

So maybe the target age for this class was … well … younger than 24 years old.

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

Is this Hogwarts or kindergarten?

I hate to bring up the instructor’s technique, but he did not once have us say, “Up!”

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

Though he was very enthusiastic all the same.

“Now, once you’ve got a hold of your broom, I want you to mount it.” Thank God I remember Madam Hooch’s lines word-for-word, cuz this guy wasn’t giving us any help!

Harry Potter Alnwich castle

My travel buddy Anne.

Harry Potter Alnwick castle

Proof that Anne & I weren’t the only pupils over 8.

We had some sandwiches and raided the gift shop at Alnwick, too, but I didn’t think either were worthy of the magic or reality post.

All in all, the real magic was in wandering around this familiar castle and reveling in its glory!

Sincerely Annie

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