The Gaff (a.k.a. Dad Wants to Know I’m Not Living on the Streets)

I’ve been dying to take pictures of everything in Galway, especially the new neighborhood, but I’ve been so busy – still working full-time, trying to make the house a little more homey and meeting up with everybody to see their faces again!

I intend to go on a camera spree this weekend, but until then –

Here’s a preview of our “gaff.” (That’s the Irish slang equivalent of American English’s “crib.”)

That’s us on the right! We’re the very last house in the estate, so we’re tucked into the coziest corner!

It even came with a resident Irishman. (Kind of like a butler, but he talks more than you’d normally let the hired help speak.)

I’d also forgotten about the minuscule-yet-difficult language barrier! I’m starting to pick it up again, but I often have to ask people to repeat and slow down (and define slang words). It’s a good practice in listening!

More to come!

P.S. The butler had a hysterical blog over the summer reflecting on his employment in a chicken processing factory. You won’t regret reading a cynical take on a summer in chicken guts! (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t appear to be his destined career path.)

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  1. hooray! i cant wait to read about your goings on in galway!

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