Annie’s First Claddagh Ring

A few weeks ago, I bought my first claddagh ring.

I’ve been shopping for one since I got here, and I finally found a reasonably priced one in a little place in Shop Street. (Reasonably priced means not exactly authentic.)

It’s silver (traditionally they’re gold) and the heart is a stone of Connemara marble from right up in the West of Galway County. I know people at home who have them, but I wanted to make sure mine was from Galway because the tradition originated here.

This is kinda what mine looks like:

The symbol consists of two hands (for friendship) holding a heart (for love) with a crown on top (for loyalty). As jewelry, they were originally used for marriage rings but later developed to be given as gifts of friendship, too (and now they’re on all sorts of jewlery and plaques).
You’re supposed to only give or receive a claddagh, but I figured this trip was all about learning to get along with me, so I did it for myself.
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