Damned Volcano

It has now been 11 days.

There is a reason Rick Steves says Venice is to be done in one day, two days tops. There is also a reason that trains to Venice were cheap.

It was probably the worst move we could have made. Venice is a cruise ship port. Every day a new one arrives, dumping hundreds upon hundreds of tourists into this tiny city with absolutely no way out.

Everyone is now scrambling for trains to Paris, where Eurostar can take you to London. We are trying to be conniving and managed a train to Munich tonight (we had to wait in line for 3 hours, 3 days ago to get it). Hopefully things will improve from there.


Meanwhile, our hotel room became infested with mosquitos and my face is the only thing that suffered.

We bought a pass on the public transportation system to pass the time (the water bus is much more fun than the subway). And we will each weigh 10 pounds more when we get home (from all this gelato).

Hope to see Galway again soon!

P.S. Missed one exam yesterday, professor let us reschedule, hopefully next week’s professor will be just as understanding.

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  1. annie! i get mosquito bites on my face in goddamn st. louis! i'm sorry to hear about this paradise lost, but now you can go exploring. good always comes with the bad, so find it please. peace, love!

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