Change. It’s hard. I know.

But this is good change, I promise. Stick with me.

The Hearts Out of Water series is getting a brand new look, but this time, there’s another huge change. They’re also getting … brand new titles! What?! Why, you ask?

Well, everybody knows the cover is one of the most important things a book has to recommend itself to new readers. But as an indie author, it can be terribly difficult to get the cover right. I’ve worked with some great cover artists, but when given the wrong artistic direction, the artist has little to go on.

So, I did a lot of studying and thinking, and revamped the concept of the series’ covers to more properly reflect the current YA market. With a great cover designer, we came up with something that fits the Contemporary Fantasy market while still being beautiful and eye-catching and relevant to Cora & Rory’s story.

You ready to see it?

Okay, Annie, new covers, fine. But why the titles?

Back when I released the first book in the series, I knew nothing about publishing. Absolutely nothing. I threw out a title I thought fit the book without dissecting whether it would fit the market.

Well, that’s just some silly marketing mumbo-jumbo, you may be thinking. And you’re right — it is. But that marketing piece is crucial to a book’s success, which is crucial to the author’s ability to write more.

And so the Hearts Out of Water series books will now be called …

Book One: All the Tales We Tell

Book Two: Lifespan of a Memory

Book Three: The Last Secret

And of course, there’s the companion short story collection, which will still be Fadó, Fadó: Selkies, Kelpies, and Other Celtic Creatures.

All this change takes a lot of work, though, so I have to ask for your patience while I get everything updated across e-retailers and my social media.

And, if you’re ever confused about any of this, please, please contact me!!

Sincerely Annie


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