I’m getting a bit of a reputation for being the sicky here. My body is just rejecting this island in every imaginable way. But it escalated last night, and hopefully it’s all over now. Like I mentioned before, I’d already gone to the doctor, and I finished those meds on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I had broken out in a rash. I assumed it was an allergic reaction to something random and took Benadryl. Then Thursday it spread to my face, freaking my roommates out sufficiently, and Thursday night I woke up and got very sick.

So this morning it was back to the doctor. I was seen very quickly this time (with this whole triage system, you have to have some gross symptoms to catapult you to the top of the list–throwing up, having a fever, and looking like a leper was a good combo). Anyway, the diagnosis is this: the upper respiratory infection that they treated me for 2 weeks ago is still going strong. In addition, I either (a) have contracted glandular fever (aka mono) or (b) am having an allergic reaction to the penicillin antibiotics they gave me.

It was an emotionally grueling day, and I just barely managed not to cry. Mainly because the doctor was an extremely nice lady who kept calling me “pet” and clicking her tongue and lamenting my “being so far from home for all of this.” She called another doctor in for a second opinion who was just as nice and called me “love.” They took some blood (despite the kind words the size of that needle almost put me over the edge), gave me some steroids, and made me drink a glass of water (“I’m sorry, I must be your mum now, drink it all!”) before letting me leave. So I’ll be on steroids and a non-penicillin antibiotic until I go back for the blood work results.

Meanwhile, I’m drained, still look like a leper, and am out the 50 euro that went into planning this weekend in Killarney. The group went on without me, and though it’s a bummer I can’t get a refund on the bus and hostel reservations, I plan on spending the weekend resting.

My friend Kelsey from home is studying here with another university and has promised to be my mom and scratch my back this weekend. We’ll eat lots of McDonalds and watch lots of bad American sitcoms and hopefully I’ll be good to go by Monday. Because mono or not, we’re going to Belgium next weekend!

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