Nobody Likes Iceland


Doug says it is Iceland getting back at Europe for not including it in anything.

Dan says it is The Glandges fault. (If you don’t know what that is, see here.)

Whatever your theory, we are stuck in Rome.

Though I would like to add that the name of that volcano is most definitely made up, so I am leaning toward Dougs theory.

(I apologize for the lack of proper punctuation, I dont know how to make apostrophes and such on the Italian keyboard.)

Anyway. Our phones are out of credit, our backpacks out of clean clothes, and our cameras out of memory. We have no money, no energy, head colds, and accommodation prices are skyrocketing. Not to mention that Rome is packed full of very angry people.

We were supposed to be back in Galway on Friday to begin cramming for our exams which start tomorrow. We spent all of yesterday in lines and going from train station to bus station to internet cafe to other bus station to internet cafe to train station to internet cafe. Every flying alternative is booked for all eternity.

The first flight we can get out of here is next Saturday. The first train is the 26. And the first bus is next month. It took almost 48 hours but we have devised a plan. We have a train to Venice in a few minutes. From there we are hoping to get a train to Munich (we will not know if that is possible until we get there). If that works then we will be able to fly out of there sometime mid week. The backlog is worst in Rome so flying out of anywhere but Rome is the best choice. Hopefully!

Sincerely Annie

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