Mini Lessons in the Irish language

My upcoming YA Learning to Swim incorporates magical Celtic mythology via some Irish characters, so I figured, why not give you guys a little taste of the Irish language?

Now there are different dialects in Irish as well as variations between regions and even cities. Not to mention the different accents!

But I have friends in high places, specifically Connemara, where they still speak Irish as a first language.

So: below I’ve provided the approximate translation of some choice phrases (I went for direct meaning instead of direct translations – you know, things someone speaking Irish might actually say) and the nearest pronunciation my American ears could handle .

Learning to Swim Annie Cosby

Learning to Swim Annie Cosby

(The literal translation is “give me a kiss” because Irish is a prepositional language and blah blah.)

Annie Cosby Learning to Swim

Learning to Swim by Annie Cosby

Learning to Swim by Annie Cosby

So! What do you think of Irish?

Annie Cosby

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  1. Learning a new language is not easy so using a language you are not familiar with in a book you’re writing is really awesome and a lot of work. Great thing that you have some friends who can help you out with the appropriate dialect.

    • Annie says:

      I love the look and sound of other languages, they’re just so difficult to learn! Yeah, I’m definitely lucky I have fluent speakers around me!

  2. Kaehla says:

    Oh, I love the Irish language. It’s so…strange in a beautiful way (:

    • Annie says:

      I totally agree! It’s so strange! Hahaha! Sometimes when I’m at the shop, it takes me a minute to realize the conversation I’ve been eavesdropping on is actually not in English! But oh so pretty 🙂


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