Let’s Take Back Halloween! Or: Why I Hate Halloween

It’s true.

I hate Halloween. It’s an unpopular opinion.

And an odd fact, considering my mother’s bizarre love for the holiday.

Halloween tree

This is a Halloween tree. You know, like a Christmas tree. But for Halloween. I think “bizarre” is an understatement.

So why do I hate the holiday, you may ask. I’ll tell you why!

1. I’m afraid of failure. This goes all the way back to batting in grade school softball. But sports and games of tag aside, there’s no failure quite like walking into a Halloween party with a particularly unimaginative costume.

Or worse, a costume that’s so imaginative nobody gets it.

Puppies tilting heads at Halloween costume

“But … what is it?”
Via tehcute.com.

2. I’m a perfectionist. If I commit to a costume, I’ll go all out. And it can be really embarrassing to admit how long you spent on your costume if you find yourself talking to somebody of the store-bought tradition.

But it’s also unsafe to go the store-bought route as there will undoubtedly be homemade enthusiasts abounding. You can’t go to a Halloween party without meeting both types!

3. I’m often redundant. You want to have a trendy costume, right? But with a trendier costume comes greater risk of redundancy.

What about the intense embarrassment of walking into a scary soirée only to immediately notice two variations of your costume? Heaven forbid if they’re worn by someone prettier than me!

Horrified at Halloween costume

Via tumblr.com.

So that’s why I hate Halloween. But that’s not the biggest reason.

After all thatHalloween has the gall to go a step farther and make girls the world over even more body-conscious on this special day. As if I needed more of that!

Reasons 4 to 432 that I hate Halloween: The “sexy ____” trend.

I can’t put a finger on the year when I suddenly felt the pressure to dress “sexy” on Halloween, but I think it arrived with high school. (And judging by the costumes being sold in stores, the age of the “sexy” Halloween costumes is only getting younger these days!)

The pressure to wear little clothing (which is ironic for a holiday dedicated to creative clothing) has gotten stronger every year – to the point that I actually felt uncomfortable wearing a costume that wasn’t at least – if not more – revealing than my everyday wear. Do you hear what I’m saying? It actually made me uncomfortable to wear a Halloween costume that covers my skin!

One year, I faced my fears and donned this:

Non-sexy Halloween costumes

We were the Peter Pan crew.

Yep. I went to a college Halloween party in that. And you know what? I was uncomfortable the entire time.

The next year, I didn’t dress up at all. And the year after that, I borrowed a friend’s shorter-than-I-usually-wear dress. And I was still uncomfortable.

(Notice the intentional lack of a photo from that year)

Halloween is a time for getting super creative and trying to make your body look like an iPhone. Or channeling book characters (I’m looking at you, Gryffindor robe in my closet) or long-dead celebrities. It’s a time to get creative. Is “sexy” as creative as girls can get these days? I know that’s not true! So what’s the deal, girls?

I use the quotes around “sexy,” because I don’t think an unimaginative polyester-spandex outfit labeled “sexy nurse” is all that sexy. Creativity or a story or a vibrant character behind your costume? That is sexy – whether or not your butt is showing.

Luckily, I know I’m not alone in this. I’m happy to finally be seeing some backlash against this “sexy” Halloween costume trend. One great example to check out is Take Back Halloween! I love their goddess suggestions. What’s sexier than a goddess?

Artemis costume

Artemis is a badass bitch!
Courtesy of the awesome Take Back Halloween group!

So, I’ll work on my crippling insecurity, and you work on your Halloween costume. And as you prepare your get-up for this year, please think first. Flesh hanging out for all to see isn’t the only way to be impressive on Halloween.

C’mon girls. Let’s get creative. Let’s make Halloween really sexy again!

Sincerely Annie

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  1. Cathy says:

    Love this! Loved your halloween outfit in college haha 🙂

    • Annie says:

      Thanks! We pretended it was an alligator for the group theme, but somebody’s grandma actually made it to be a dinosaur. Ha!

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