The Unexpected Hazards of Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping.

It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. We all come from fairly good universities, but even this was above our combined efforts!

Finding the grocery store was the easy part. Finding the groceries was a little more difficult (they’re nestled in strip malls), and we had to read labels more carefully (especially as my new roommate is gluten intolerant). It took me a while to find the peanut butter, but eventually I found it in the jam aisle. And it was very helpfully labeled “American style.”

But the hard part came at check-out. We’re slowly getting used to the money – don’t throw aside those pesky coins, they’re worth two euros! But we were not aware that bags cost extra. Budgeting as we were, we decided to stuff as much as possible in as few bags as possible.

Three bags broke. So we came prepared the next time around:
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  1. Ahhh, glad I found your blog! Yeah, the coins are quite difficult to get used to. Doesn't seem like you're spending much when you keep handing off 1 and 2 euro coins!

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