Fortune Knocks Once … in Ireland!

Like Regency romance? I’ve got a good one for you!

I worked as editor on Fortune Knocks Once, an adult romance novella set in England and Ireland, and I designed the cover! Take a look!

Fortune Knocks Once

Fortune Knocks Once

“Neglected and mistreated, desperate for a better life, a young woman bargains her fortune for her future.”

By Elizabeth Delavan


Fortune Knocks Once is the story of a marriage of convenience between a young, insecure heiress who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by marrying, and a penniless, desperate nobleman whose ancient Irish heritage is hopelessly lost unless he can secure the fortune required to rehabilitate it.

After they marry, her instant adoration scares him away and drives him to indulge his weakness for alcohol. Only when she realizes her potential and establishes her independence does he understand that her presence in his life is all he really needs and that he must stop the self-destruction and join her in creating a life together.

Sound great? That’s because it is.

One more teaser: Part of the story takes place in this castle in Kilkenny, Ireland, that I was fortunate enough to visit!

Kilkenny Castle Ireland Fortune Knocks Once

And the best part? It’s only 99 cents on Amazon! Write us a review when you get a chance! 😉

Annie Cosby

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