Hogwarts Exams

Taking my theory of political science exam was a strange experience. It was akin to taking the O.W.L.s (that’s an exam in Harry Potter for you non-nerds out there).

Upon arrival at the examination hall, you had to look up your seat number (I needed help reading the chart). Then you had to find your seat (I needed help figuring out the numbering system).

There were at least 700 seats, from several different courses. Everybody was talking excitedly, and I quietly copied what the people next to me were doing, filling out the information on the answer booklets on my desk.

Then all of a sudden the entire hall fell completely silent. It was impressive, and I was quite confused. It must have been the professors that had appeared at the top of each row. They passed the exam booklets out which took forever and then someone came over a microphone and told us to begin. All at once people started scratching furiously, just like the O.W.L.s.

They skip class all semester, then take the exam very seriously.

Anyway, I think I did fine. It wasn’t difficult (unless of course you missed every class). I have one more exam next week. I should have been done by now, but we missed an exam when we were stuck in Italy. So I’ll make that up next week, and then be homefree!

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