Confession: I Have a Dog Problem

Actually, I have lots of problems. But my biggest problem is taking photos when I travel … photos of a particular species. And no, it isn’t humans.

When I was a senior at a Catholic high school, we had a massive project of designing and outlining our own religion. (Why? I’m not sure. To point out the similarities between made-up religions and Catholicism? It’s unclear.) My religion, of course, was none other than Dogma. The worship of dogs. (Why, yes, that did earn me a lot of teasing. Thanks for asking.)

So is it surprising then, that when I return from any given trip, my camera is chock-full of photos of dogs? “I don’t want to see a hundred pictures of dogs!” my mother yelled as I left for one such overseas trip.

“I’ll control myself!” I promised.

Well if want to see pictures of dogs, my reasoning says, then there must be others out there equally interested in foreign canines! So, I give you: DOGS! Let’s start with Ireland today, shall we?

Dog in a bar

“Arah, lads! That was a shockin’ match. Get me a pint!”
The Bierhaus, Galway.

Rex the dog

“You’re taking your sweet time, aren’t you?”
Rex demonstrating the off-leash tradition in Canine Ireland.

Salthill puppy on beach

“Wait for me, Dad!”
The beach in Salthill.

Dog family

“Get off me ya great buffoon!”
There are 3 generations of these guys at Knockillaree Riding Centre in Oughterard.

Horseback riding dogs

He licked my nose.


“Arah, lads, stop for the bants, will ya?”
Two dogs regularly greet us on our walk home from the grocery store.
One greets with snarling teeth. This is not that one.

Dog on boat in Galway Harbor

Galway Harbor.

Dog on a boat

“What rapscallions capture my likeness?”

Shaggy Dog

“I just love history!”

photo (15)

“Bob, get me a Coke!”
Outside the Euro General (like the dollar store) in Galway.

I can hear my mother’s eyes rolling from across the Atlantic. So I’ll sign off for now. But next time we’ll go to France for some dogs! Sincerely Annie

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  1. Stephen says:

    Tch, and what happened to all the pictures of dogs I sent you? They could’a been been somebody, they could’a been stars!


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