Learning to Love cover reveal! <3

Hey, everybody! I’m busy working away on the final book in the Hearts Out of Water series: Learning to Love. It’ll be ready for you sometime in July. Yaaaay!

But in the meantime, want to see the gorgeous cover?

Okay, here we go…










Learning to Love by Annie Cosby

Isn’t it purdy?!

Make sure to add the book to your Goodreads TBR here.

There’s no preorder, but you can sign up to my readers club to be notified when it’s available!

Sincerely Annie

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When “The Call” isn’t the best day of your life

Every fiction writer knows the legend. “The Call.” The best day of your life. The day an agent finally pulls your golden query from the depths of the slush pile and says, “You, sir, are as brilliant as you think you are.”

Or something like that.

Well, on Monday, April 25, 2016, it happened to me. And let me tell you—it was awful.

Now, forget for a minute that I hate talking on the phone and that my ringtone alone makes me nervous. This call was one during which I was extra terrified of making a misstep, accidentally saying something so egregious the agent would rescind on the spot.

Annie Cosby YA author

If you’re a stronger gal than me (which is likely), you might be able to take something like this in stride. After a lifetime of people telling you to get used to rejection if you’re going to be a writer, and then months (maybe years) of rejection and/or radio silence…

YA author Annie Cosby

A wonderful agent contacts you and lavishes praise on you and your work!

It’s like waking up from a familiar dream in a parallel universe. All of a sudden, after nothing but *crickets* for so long, I was suddenly smack dab in the middle of this world that I did not know how to navigate. And I was petrified of screwing up. [Read more…]

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Utopia Con 2016 preorders are open!

Hi, friends!

I’m super excited to be attending Utop Con this year! If any of you have been before, I’m sure you know it’s a BLAST (or so I’ve heard).

And if you’re planning on attending this year, you can preorder my books here:

Can’t wait to meet everybody who’s going!

Sincerely Annie

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Want to learn a little Irish?

Happy St. Paddy’s week!

As you well know, later this week, everybody’s about to be Irish for a day! So I thought I’d share a few fun phrases for you to whip out to prove you’re the real deal!

If you’ve read my Hearts Out of Water series, you’ve probably noticed the chapter titles in Irish. They were translated by two of my friends who are native Irish speakers.

The parts of Ireland where the language is still spoken is called the Gaeltacht. Learning the language is also part of the school curriculum for Irish kids all over the country, but most of my Irish friends are about as proficient as I was in high-school Spanish. 😉

Irish is a beautiful language, and many of us have Irish roots, so let’s spread it a little farther, shall we?

Irish language

What do you think? Confusing, huh? Especially those pronunciations!

I better get back to writing now. Slán go fóill! Goodbye for now!

Annie Cosby





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It’s here! It’s here! You can read it now, the epic conclusion to THE HUMMINGBIRD SAGA serial!!

There are tears and swords, guaranteed!

Annie Cosby

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