What Does Ireland Have to Do with Halloween?

Like I’ve already told you, I hate Halloween.

I’ve hated Halloween since I was a toddler and Mom had to take her beloved “Halloweenies” to Grandma and Grandpa’s house because they terrified me so much that I couldn’t be in the same house with them.

History of Halloween

Scary shit, right?

I hate it all. I hate the pressure of coming up with a creative, funny or impressive costume. And, if successful, I hate the attention a creative, funny or impressive costume garners. Halloween’s a lose-lose situation for me!

But I digress. My point is: this year, as my boyfriend spends this October 4,000 miles away in Galway, Ireland, my interest drifts to the birth of that very holiday I’ve always had a dodgy relationship with.

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Where to Find Big Trees & Big Ideas in California

Ents are freaking awesome.

And nothing in the world makes me believe they really do exist more than the Sequoias in Northern California.

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St. Paddy’s Day: Ireland vs. America

Tons of Americans flock to Ireland every St. Patrick’s Day to experience the holiday in true Irish fashion.

Yet, we’ve all heard the old statement, “St. Patrick’s Day is a bigger deal in America.” I’ve heard it a million times – from the Irish, from Americans, from people who have experienced both, and from people who have never left their own country.

As for me, well, I just couldn’t really see a difference between a St. Patrick’s Day spent in America and one spent in Ireland.

But I decided 2013 was the year to buckle down and pick a side. So I’m going to delve deep to answer the question once and for all:

Who does St. Patrick’s Day better, Ireland or America?

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I Bet You Didn’t Know Today Is Mother’s Day

It’s true! Ireland, Nigeria and the UK celebrate Mother’s Day today! Do you know why?

An American invented the holiday in 1908. It’s even said that the creator, Anna Jarvis, was already pissed off with the commercialization of the day by 1920. (So it’s a long-standing tradition to bemoan the greeting card industry.)

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10 Things You Forgot About The Brave Little Toaster

When you’re dating someone who was raised in a country different from the one in which you were raised, there are certain things you want to share with him or her.

Fundamental memories of childhood culture differ in ways you wouldn’t think about, and you try to share these things with them when they come up. For me, this started with The Brave Little Toaster.

What Michael (my Irish boyfriend) thought of the American classic (which I made him watch yesterday) is not important. The issue here is all the things that happened in The Brave Little Toaster that I didn’t notice when I was six! [Read more…]

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