You know those woods at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring…

The path that we take to school every day runs along the River Corrib. It sounds neat, and sometimes through the trees I see swans swimming along at my pace, but the path itself is actually really creepy (hence the local name “Rape Lane”). Regardless, I’d heard that following the path the other direction, away from the university, is gorgeous. I finally braved the cold to do it. Once it gets warmer and my head decongests (the doc said I’m just not accustomed to the damp climate), I plan on taking my morning jogs down there. It’s swamped with dogs.

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The Burren & Cliffs of Moher

We went to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher (“mow ‘er”) with a tour bus company on Saturday. It sucked pretty badly. In all fairness, the tour was originally supposed to be €18 and it was discounted to €9. So I guess we can’t complain.

First we stopped at a castle that I couldn’t tell you the name of for all of us to take pictures, and it was actually really nice to finally be able to just pull out our cameras and be tourists.

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