4 Dogs in France that Think They’re People

You already know that I have a problem. And this round, you asked for dogs in France. But there was something unique I noticed about the dogs I snapped while in Southern France:

More than any other dog population I’ve met, these French dogs think they’re people!

So. I promised Dogs: Round 2, the French edition. Voilà!

1. See Spot ride the bus.

Dogs in France

This guy was just ridin’ on a very crowded bus along the French Riviera.

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Living in the Clouds: Èze, France

Last Easter I was in Nice, France, visiting my cousin Emily. So it’s only natural, as I sit in my cold house in Ireland (yes, we’re out of oil again), that I reminisce on the warm paradise that is southern France – and my favorite town: Èze!

If you ever find yourself near the southern end of the French-Italian border, you absolutely cannot leave without a day trip to the medieval town of Èze (pronounced “ez”). Halway between Nice and Monaco, it’s only minutes on a bus from either locale to this breathtaking eagle’s nest of a village – and the bus ride is part of the fun!

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