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We’re back from Belgium, safe and sound and completely worn out. Laundry took up all day yesterday (it takes a few rounds and more euros to dry your clothes, so I’ve taken to hanging my clothes all over my room to air dry), and grocery shopping took all day today (the roundabout was especially lethal near rush hour).

Meanwhile, my wardrobe is taking quite a hit from Europe. My coat no longer zips. Someone stole my cardigan at a club. I lost my hat in Belgium. My tennis shoes are encased in mud. I lost a pair of gloves (this I anticipated and packed 2 pairs). And the whole wear-jeans-five-times-before-washing thing doesn’t work with mud splattered from hem to knee.

Anyway, Belgium was awesome, and I’ll write about it once I get back into the swing of things.

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  1. I'm believing less in people stealing your things than you simply forgetting them everywhere you go…they have those double clips where you can clip one to the garment and the second to yourself…might be worth a Euro or two….

  2. My wardrobe took a major hit in Europe as well. I had so many stained or just worn out clothes by the end of it.Also, I'm jealous that you went to Belgium. Alas, I didn't make it there.

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