A Class Weekend

I had a nice relaxing weekend away, but it’s back to the daily grind now. Yesterday we walked by the bay, which was absolutely beautiful. It’s a little far for us in Corrib, but just a short walk from Kelsey’s American haven (she lives with all Americans). Aside from the dogs, this was probably the best part:

Another cool thing is hearing the birds chirp in January. It’s something I enjoy, but let it be a warning to Maggie Forsee: the only thing that outnumbers the dogs is the bird population…
After a nice walk along the coast, I made the trek from Kelsey’s back home (took just under an hour). It’s a strange feeling the first time you think of a foreign place as home. But that’s what Corrib, with my bed and my food and my stuff and my neighbors, has come to be.
Though most things are starting to feel second nature (like saying, “My weekend was class,” and not bringing my laptop to school, for that’s a surefire sign that you’re an American), one thing I will never, ever get used to is the use of the word “ye” in everyday language. Especially when the Irish boys are trying to be cool but are speaking like Shakespeare. It still takes me by surprise every time I’m addressed, though I’ve learned to rein in the giggles.
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