4 Dogs in France that Think They’re People

You already know that I have a problem. And this round, you asked for dogs in France. But there was something unique I noticed about the dogs I snapped while in Southern France:

More than any other dog population I’ve met, these French dogs think they’re people!

So. I promised Dogs: Round 2, the French edition. Voilà!

1. See Spot ride the bus.

Dogs in France

This guy was just ridin’ on a very crowded bus along the French Riviera.

2. See Spot climb a mountain.

Dogs in France

This lil bit was straight trucking it up to the top of Èze!

3. See Spot … pose in a bikini on the beach?


Dogs in France

I love ya Nice, but I don’t have to like ya. Or understand you, for that matter.

4. See Spot serve dinner.

Dogs in France

Cutest busboy ever?

Dogs in France

How much are you supposed to tip a dog?

I wanna see your dogs around the world! Send me your cutest dog-being-a-person pic, and I might feature it on the blog!

Sincerely Annie

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